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Ous Services

The services that Fundación Génesis Costa Rica offers to at-risk members of the population respond to the specific needs of each individual.

Meal Provision

Food is provided to all the beneficiary population, which includes a nutrition service, where the professional performs annual evaluations, supervising the menu according to the needs of each adult and minor.


We provide formal education under the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) with special auxiliary support according to the needs of the student, levelling their learning performance since those who enter the programme have a significant educational lag.

For residential programmes for minors, we offer "Technical Vocational Education and training 2030" plan and socio-emotional skills with a focus on future employment.

Hygiene & Clothing

We offer beneficiaries basic care and hygiene products for personal use.

Clothing is provided according to the people and the social spaces where they live and interact.

Therapy and Psychology

We provide individual and group psychotherapeutic accompaniment in cognitive and emotional processes for traumatic situations, processes and different needs in order to achieve an adequate recovery and promote inter and intrapersonal skills.

Work, self-care and leisure activities to increase independence function, enhance development and prevent disability.

General Medicine

Professionals provide care, preventive health care and pharmacological treatment to adults and minor patients who require it.

Social Work and Counselling

Professionals coordinate family, community and socio-economic resources, including therapeutic accompaniment to develop a life project.

Counselling in addictions: We provide accompaniment in the rehabilitation process for the consumption of psychoactive substances.

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