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Elderly Care Home

The Elderly Care Home is a residential programme that serves older adults, both men and women, aged over 65, and others who have found themselves homeless, or abandoned by their families in our Alajuelita community.


Every year the Fundación Génesis Costa Rica, receives requests to admit of abandonment older people aged over 65 years, whom have been suffered violence, abandonment in hospital or live in a situation of extreme poverty, loneliness and vulnerability.  


If you are interested, please click on the Donation button below, and choose the option you would like to donate. 

We can achieve this goal, only with donations from people with empathy and generous heart.

Thank you!

The Elderly Care Home - Our Goals

Our goals is to offer quality of life and dignified treatment to older people in a family environment where harmony and security are paramount.

The programme provides:

  • Lodging

  • Feeding

  • Nursing - Patient Assistant

  • Flexible Visiting

  • Control of chronic treatments

  • Workshop - Recreation Activities

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This older adult home is renowned for its warm, respectful, and familiar atmosphere. That's why we proudly say"We are Family" to all our older people.

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Care & Therapies

The home is staffed with professionals in nursing, physical therapy, psychology, occupational therapy, patient assistants, among others.

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