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About us

Fundación Génesis Costa Rica

Fundación Génesis Costa Rica started its activities in 1998 as a non-governmental social welfare organisation with the objective of providing basic assistance in the areas of health, food and education.

Through our comprehensive programmes we help to improve the quality of life of people at risk, abandoned, extremely poor and socially vulnerable.

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Our history

More than 24 years of changing lives!

It all began with Alberto Castro's heartfelt desire to found a church where many people could gather and from there transmit a message of love, faith and hope to all the people of the Alajuelita community. As the years passed and difficult situations soon appeared, the need arose to found an organisation called FUNDACIÓN GÉNESIS Costa Rica which began its activity in 1998 as a social welfare organisation with the mission not only to care for the people of our community but also to transform them through the love of God.

Certainly, neither Pastor Alberto Castro nor his team ever imagined the scope that this mission would have, such as the impact on so many lives not only of those who receive the benefit of each programme but of those who do every day an impeccable role being part of the Foundation.

Through more than 24 years of existence, this social welfare organisation has managed to accumulate hundreds of experiences, testimonies and stories of people who received a new opportunity, a life worthy of respect and love, and that already fills our soul and is the engine that makes us feel that we fulfil and will continue to fulfil our commitment on a daily basis.

The Fundación Génesis Costa Rica simply applies in a practical way what it says it preaches and believes. In the Gospel of Matthew: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you took me in..." (Matthew 25:35), this synthesises and reflects what we did and do in every programme of the Foundation every day.

Pastor Alberto Castro relates that even after founding the church he felt that something was missing:

   - "I felt a void that I could not explain and even felt frustration, the prayers were good, the preaching was good, but then what was missing? And it took me five years to discover something so simple with just one word: "Coherence". My speeches and my prayers were not landing anywhere, I was missing the link between my oratory and the practical effect of the message delivered, and to see a result of greater and better impact.”

This was the starting point that, with a lot of conviction and with the help of many supportive people, managed to promote that Fundación Génesis Costa Rica serves as a means to deliver more than 30,000 meals per month to people in social vulnerability and extreme poverty, among many other things.

Working Tools
"I just have words of admiration to see every day what this organisation does for our people in Alajuelita"

Don Francisco, Maintenance CR Ltd

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