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Male Adolescent Community

The COMMUNITY FOR ADOLESCENTS MALE provides specialized care for individuals aged 12 to 17 with behavioural issues, limited family support networks, vulnerability, and social risks.

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Process and Development 

During their stay, we ensure the development of a life plan by providing access to quality education, technical and vocational training, and monitoring their healthcare needs.

Comunidad Adolescentes Varones - Fundacion Genesis Costa Rica

Program Model - PANI

This Programme collaborates with PANI (National Board for Children) and adopts a Therapeutic Community model, providing comprehensive care in Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, direct caregiving, training, counseling, and a spiritual focus.

CAV - Fundacion Genesis Costa Rica


Currently, 47 underage individuals are benefiting from the Programme.

Comunidad Adolescentes Varones - Fundacion Genesis Costa Rica
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