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Children's Dining Hall

In 1998, the Children's Dining Hall was established in Tejarcillos, located in the district of Alajuelita, an urban-marginal area characterized by high poverty and crime rates.


The poverty conditions of the families in the area do not allow them to have sufficient resources to meet the daily nutritional needs of minors, resulting in issues related to nutrition, growth, and cognitive development.


We welcome an average of 150 children, both boys and girls, whom we provide with daily meals, as well as school supplies and uniforms to ensure a smooth transition into the academic year.

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Meal Provision

Our Children's Dining Hall operates throughout the week, offering daily meals to 180 children aged one month to 12 years, as well as pregnant women.

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The primary goal behind the establishment of the Children's Dining Hall was to offer sustenance to the boys and girls residing in the urban-marginal zone of Tejarcillos in Alajuelita marked by poverty, crime, drug trafficking, extreme deprivation, and violence.

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The beneficiaries are residents from several locations, including Tejarcillos, La Verbena, El Jazmín, San Felipe, La Roberto Cantillano, and other surrounding areas within Alajuelita.

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