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Charity Volunteers

Fundraising Campaigns - Volunteers and Events

You can all collaborate and help with the Fundación Génesis Costa Rica.

Learn more and enjoy being part of the wonderful gift of giving by volunteering.

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For people who know how to seed.

Everything we do would be impossible without our volunteers! The wonderful gift of giving with a joyful heart in every task they perform makes our team stronger and makes the best results better and we grow every year.

In every event and situation we face, they are there with open arms to embrace, to give, to help us grow, to help us care and to continue to transform more children and adults’ lives.

We do not have enough words to thank you for the invaluable contribution we receive from each and every one of you.

Simply, thank you on behalf of all the beneficiaries and the Fundación Génesis Costa Rica Team

Join us and be part of the impact you will make by contributing to the well-being of so many people.

We are looking for volunteers like you for the "Proyecto Semillas 2023" for the Eldery Care Home

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As of August 2023, we are launching the first "Seed Project" to benefit the Older Adult programme.

The plan is to help with gardening tasks: cutting bushes, preparing the soil, and planting future lemon trees.

With the help of the students of Genesis Christian School, we already have many seeds germinated for transplanting!

The project aims to generate its own income (our first Sustainable Project) from the sale of lemons and to meet Eldery Care Home's new expenses due to the continuous increase in the number of abandoned older adults who expect to reside there from 2023 onwards. 

We are looking for help from people with gardening skills and those who wish to share this information with their acquaintances to promote our mission and why we do what we do at Fundación Génesis Costa Rica, Eldery Home Care


Please, fill the contact form, and add in the message: Volunteering Interest- Seed Project - Eldery Care Home.

Honouring older adult will always do us good!

We are looking for investors who like to invest in people with generosity, to grant subsidies to ten new "older adults".

Each year we receive more than 30 applications to accept new older adult ageing over the age of 65, who have suffered violence, been abandoned in hospitals by their own relatives, or live in extreme poverty alone.


The grant we wish to give them offers:

  • Accommodation,

  • Nutritional Meals,

  • Primary care

  • Medical treatment control, Recreational activities and

  • Much Love for all the older adults in a situation of vulnerability or abandonment, who deserve a dignity life to live.

Please, request a Brochure or visit our website Eldery Care Home​ in Alajuelita.

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Becas  Fundacion Genesis Costa Rica
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Exclusive to Donors who invest in people

Let's make Costa Rica bigger!

Every year the Genesis Foundation Costa Rica works hard to fight for equality rights for children's education in Alajuelita and seeks to provide scholarship to ten (10) new students with private subsidies.


The Genesis Christian School is located within our community and offers a bilingual, double-schooling education, where we can provide scholarships for a number of students who live close to the school and have no financial means.

What we are looking for... 

Donors committed to the Scholarships for Students programme throughout the year.


We have more information to offer you, such as testimonials from young people that now attend the university and from parents that are grateful for the opportunity to have received an education and equal rights.

Can you help us achieve together this invaluable goal that benefits many children in Costa Rica? 

Donations of all kinds

We willingly accept everything! Consult us (We have a very interesting list)

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This year with new website, we have decided we wish to tell the whole world what we have achieved in the last 25 years and how many lives God has transformed through His love and provision through our efforts in welcoming children, youth, adults and older adults (Now you already know we need so many things. More than you can imagine!).

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